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QuickPoll Overview

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Create a one-question survey to quickly gauge people’s views, opinions, or knowledge. Display the results numerically and graphically.


Collect information quickly

Simply fill out a form and share the URL of your poll. Participants select their response with just a click. Responses are anonymous.

Immediately view results

QuickPoll collects and organizes the responses and updates graphs automatically. Display results in a bar graph or pie chart as numbers or percentages.

Assess student understanding

Conduct a QuickPoll before class to discover what students understood from the last lecture or course reading.

QuickPoll Resources

QuickPoll Help Center

How-to documentation

Planning Considerations

A planning guide to help you make the most of QuickPoll.

Facilitate Evaluation

Learn about using QuickPoll to get feedback from your students.

View a sample poll

Take our snack poll

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my poll be available?

Indefinitely, or until you delete it.

Can people without UW NetIDs take my QuickPoll?

Yes, when you set up your QuickPoll, you can select a non-UW NetID security option.

How can I limit participation to a particular group of people?

When you create your poll, select class list as your security. This will take you to Group Manager and then you can create or select a list of UW NetIDs. The members of the list do not need to be part of a class.