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Weight and Calculate Total Scores

Service notice: Catalyst GradeBook will be retired effective June 16, 2022

You can manually enter the total score, or choose to have GradeBook calculate the total score automatically. The total score is always expressed as a percentage. GradeBook allows you to control which categories of assignments to include in the total score, to select a number of assignments to drop within each category, and to enter a weight for each category.

To weight and calculate total score, follow these steps:

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  2. From the account page, click the name of the grade book that you want to edit. You will move to the main view of the grade book.
  3. On the grade sheet, click Total Score. A drop-down menu will open.
  4. Click Weight and calculate. You will move to the “Weight and Calculate Total Scores” page.
  5. Select Calculate total scores. Options for controlling calculation of total scores will be enabled.
  6. Decide if you want missing assignments (blank scores) included in the calculation of the total score. If you select this option, blank scores will be counted as zeroes when calculating a student’s total score. Otherwise, blank scores will be treated as not yet graded, and a student’s total score will not reflect the credit possible in that assignment.
  7. If you do not want to include a category in the total score, deselect it.

    Tip: Categories that do not contain assignments will be disabled and cannot be included in the total score. Assignments that use text scales will not be included when calculating the total score. Be sure to completely set up categories and assignments before enabling weighting and calculating of the total score.

  8. If you want to drop lowest scores from a category, select the number of assignments to drop from the drop-down menu. You can drop up to one less than the total number of assignments in a category.
  9. To weight categories, select Weight and enter percentages in the spaces provided. Total weight will be displayed at the bottom as you enter percentages; the total weight must equal 100%. By default, each category is weighted equally when calculating the total score.
  10. Click Save.