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Add Assignments

Service notice: Catalyst GradeBook will be retired effective June 16, 2022

Create assignments to track student scores. Assignments such as papers, quizzes, or exams are organized within categories and can be published for individual student viewing. Each assignment appears as a column in the main view of the grade book, and can be published for students to view whenever you choose.

To create an assignment, follow these steps:

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  2. On the account page, click the name of the grade book that you want to edit. You will move to the main view of the grade book.
  3. Click Manage in the global navigation in the upper right. You will move to the “Manage” page.
  4. Under the header “Assignments” click Edit. You will move to the “Manage Assignments” page.

    Tip: You can also reach the “Manage Assignments” page by clicking Manage assignments on the grade sheet tab of the main view of the grade book.

  5. Select the category on the left in which you want to create assignments.
  6. Click Add assignment at the right. The “Edit Assignment” dialog box will appear.
  7. Enter a title for your assignment. The default title of the assignment is Category name #.
  8. Select a category for the assignment. The category enables you to organize assignments for individual student viewing, weight a category as a percent of the total score, and organize and filter your view of the grade sheet.
  9. Select a scale for the assignment. 
    • If you select Points, enter the number of possible points in the space provided.
    • If you select 4.0 scale, the 4.0 scale conversion table will appear. Enter a percentage to correspond with the minimum score. Learn more about using 4.0 scales for assignments.
    • If you select Custom, enter the set of possible scores or descriptors and their percent equivalents for use in calculating total scores. Learn more about assignment scales.
  10. Click Save.