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About GradeBook

Easily track student scores online, securely share scores with students and calculate class grades. Begin the grade submission process in GradeBook, and complete it with GradePage.

Quickly set up a grade book for your class

To set up your grade book, simply select a class from a list of classes you are teaching. Student information automatically imports and updates as students add and drop the course. View active or dropped students at any time.

Students: Know where you stand

Don’t wait for a report card to show up at the end of the quarter. Instructors can publish your scores for you to view securely online. Log in to GradeBook anytime use to see how you’re doing or receive email notification when scores or grades are published.

Easily record scores and track student progress

Easily add assignments, papers, projects, or exams, and enter student scores. Track student progress at a glance. You can also view and publish statistics to track student progress and class performance.

Weight and calculate total scores and class grades

Use GradeBook to calculate total scores by selecting and weighting categories of assignments. Create your own scale to convert the total score into the class grade (such as 4.0, Pass, or Credit/No Credit).

Collaborate with co-instructors and teaching assistants

Grading can be a time consuming chore. Allow others to share in the fun by granting secure access to co-instructors and teaching assistants to view, edit, and publish student scores.

Online Grading Resources

Help Center

Get started with GradeBook

Get started with GradePage

Faculty Resource on Grading

The FROG Web site provides resources to help faculty develop grading practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Excel with GradeBook?

Yes, you can export a grade book to Excel to edit scores, print, or archive your grade book. You can also import scores from a file, including the scores report provided by OEA.

Do I use GradeBook to submit grades to the registrar?

You begin the process of submitting grades to the Registrar using GradeBook, and complete it using GradePage during the open grading period. Read the Registrar’s online grading FAQ.