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View Participants and Profiles

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You can view a list of the discussion board participants. The participant list provides the date of their last log in and links to individual profiles.

View the participant list:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log in to the discussion board.
  3. Click Participants in the global navigation at the upper right of the page. You will move to the “participants” page.

You can sort the list of participants by clicking the column headings. Click again to reverse the sort order (e.g. Z to A).

To view an individual profile, click the participant’s name in the “Screen Name” column. The profile will show you the participant’s screen name and other information if it has been added to the profile. Owners, administrators and moderators can see a time stamp of a participant’s first and last visit, total number of posts made, number of conversations started and number of conversations viewed. A participant will only be able to see the date and time of the first and last visit the person has made.

To view all posts made by a message board user, visit their profile. Click the link “Find all posts by (participant name),” which is located on the left, underneath the list of recent conversations they have been active in. This will query all posts made by that person.