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Create a Conversation Archive

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Archiving old conversations in a discussion board can help to keep information relevant in active discussion areas. To archive conversations in a separate area, your GoPost board must be set up with multiple discussion areas. To create the archive, you will first create a new discussion area to hold the archived conversations and then move old conversations into the archive discussion area.

If your GoPost board is set up as one list of conversations (instead of multiple discussion areas), administrators or moderators of the board can lock old conversations to keep participants from posting to them. Learn how to lock conversations.

Follow these instructions below to create a conversation archive:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Create a discussion area to hold old conversations, perhaps called “Archive.” Learn more about creating a discussion area. You can also lock this discussion area, if you want participants to read but not post to the archived conversations.

    Tip: If you want, you can hide the archive discussion area so that participants do not see it. Learn how to hide a discussion area.

  3. Move old conversations from an active discussion area into the archive discussion area. Learn more about moving a conversation.