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Assign Roles to Participants

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If you are an owner of a discussion board, you can assign participants a role to help you manage the board and facilitate discussion. Participants can be assigned the role of administrator or moderator. This is true both for participants with UW NetIDs and for those with UW Google IDs.

Administrator and Moderator Permissions

Administrators have permission to do everything a board owner can do, except to delete the discussion board itself. Administrators can:

  • access the “Manage” page to add or modify discussion areas
  • modify participant access and roles
  • set board availability
  • view board statistics
  • edit, move, and delete posts
  • make conversations sticky
  • lock or unlock conversations
  • silence or ban participants.

Moderators can help facilitate discussion on the board. Moderators can

  • edit, move, and delete posts
  • make conversations sticky
  • lock or unlock conversations
  • silence participants.

Assigning Roles

To assign administrator or moderator permissions to participants, follow these steps:

  1. StepsActions
  2. From the GoPost home page, click the name of the board with which you want
    to work. You will move to the board home page.
  3. Click Manage in the global navigation at the upper right. You will move to the “Manage” page.
  4. Click Edit to the right of “Participant Access & Roles.” You will move to the “Participant Access & Roles” page.
  5. Find the participant on the list whose role you want to modify.
  6. Select the role you want to assign to the participant from the “Role” menu. You might need to wait a moment while the role is assigned and the page refreshed with the new role listed for the participant.
  7. You can use the breadcrumbing or the global navigation to return to the
    “Manage” page or the discussion board home page.

The next time the participant logs in to the board they will see a message which describes the change made to his or her role, who effected the change, and when the change was made.