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About GoPost

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Create community

Give students in a large lecture class the opportunity to discuss issues in small groups. Allow distance-learning students to “talk” with each other any time, anywhere. Allow visitors to view conversations without logging into the discussion board.

Collaborate with others

Connect with others that share your interests. Create a discussion board to give research colleagues a space to share files and provide input on collaborative projects. Manage participant roles by adding moderators or administrators that have extra access for facilitating discussions or managing board settings.

Stay organized

Use multiple discussion areas to organize conversation topics on your discussion board. Highlight discussions by making them “sticky,” a feature that keeps important conversations at the top of a discussion area. View participation reports to give credit to board members who contribute regularly.

GoPost Resources

Example GoPost

Try participating in this example discussion board.

Planning Considerations

A planning guide to help you make the most of GoPost.

GoPost for Research

A guide to using GoPost and other Catalyst Tools to support your research activities.

Help Center

How-to documentation to help you get started with GoPost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a moderator and an administrator?

Moderators can manage conversations by editing and deleting posts, and by moving, locking, and making conversations sticky. Administrators have moderator privileges and can change a board’s settings.

What is the difference between locking a conversation and making it sticky? Locking a conversation restricts posting access to moderators and administrators. This is useful for posts that are intended as announcements that should not be modified. For important conversations, making a post sticky keeps that post at the top of the discussion area, regardless of how long the board is or how it is sorted.