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Create a Workspace

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–will be retired. View timeline and details.


With CommonView, you can create an online “workspace” for a class or project, and use it to organize and share files, information, and Catalyst tools.

Create a workspace:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log in to your Catalyst account.
  3. On the Catalyst tools account page, roll your mouse over the graphic tools menu in the upper right corner. A menu appears as you hover over each tool icon. Hover over CommonView icon to create a new workspace
  4. Select the CommonView icon, and then click Create a CommonView workspace. You will move to the “Create a workspace” page.
  5. Type the name of your workspace in the space provided and click Create, or click Cancel if you do not want to create a workspace. You will move to the new workspace, and can begin adding your views and content.