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Reordering Assignments

Service notice: All Catalyst Web Tools–except WebQ Survey and GradeBook–will be retired. View timeline and details.

Reorder your assignments:

  1. StepsActions
  2. Log into your Catalyst account page and click the title of a dropbox. You will enter the dropbox home page.
  3. Click Manage, which is located in the global navigation in the upper left. You will move to the “Manage” page.
  4. Click Edit under “Assignments.” You will move to the “Assignments” page.
  5. On the “Assignments” page, you will see a panel that contains the dropbox assignments in the order that they appear to dropbox participants. To move an assignment, click Move to the right of the assignment title, and drag it up or down into the position you want. A horizontal green line appears between the other assignment titles to indicate where the assignment will move. When you have found the position you want to move the assignment to, release the button.
  6. Repeat step 4 to move other assignments in the dropbox.
  7. When you are finished rearranging your dropbox assignments, click Done at the bottom of the page to return to the “Manage” page.