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About the Dropbox Home

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The Dropbox Home Page

Participant submissions to assignments are organized into a table on the dropbox home page. This makes it easy to see at a glance which assignments have received submissions, whether those submissions are on time or late, and if participants have left comments. From the submissions table, you can also see which assignments have received comments and which have not.

Viewing the Submissions Table

Follow these directions to view your dropbox’s submissions table:

  1. From the account page, click the title of a dropbox you want to view. You may need to click the CollectIt filter under Tools to locate it. You will enter the dropbox home page.
  2. The table spans the page to provide an overview of activity in the dropbox.

    Tip: A notice in any of the columns or rows of the table may indicate that you still need to set up participant access, create an assignment, or to open the dropbox. Learn more about participant access, creating an assignment, or opening the dropbox.

Reading the Submissions Table

The first column of the table, in green, lists the names of dropbox participants. Each row beginning with a participant’s name can be read across for an overview of submissions from that participant. Collect It

If a dropbox is set to accept assignments from “Anyone with a UW NetID,” participants will not be listed until they have submitted an assignment.

The first row of the table, also green, contains the titles of all assignments in the dropbox. Below the title of an assignment is information about the assignment’s availability. Each column beginning with the assignment title can be read down for an overview of all files submitted for that assignment. Click on an assignment title to move to the assignment page. The assignment page will display the assignment name, instructions, and availability settings, and also list participants along with an overview of their submissions to the assignment.

The table displays icons to indicate file submission status for each participant and assignment.

  • An empty cell means that the participant has not submitted any files or links to the assignment.
  • On Timeindicates that a file or link has been submitted on time for the assignment.
  • Lateindicates that a file or link has been submitted after the assignment’s due date and is late.
  • Commentsindicates that comments are present on a participant’s submission page. These comments may have been left by the participant, by collaborators added to the dropbox, or by the dropbox owner.

Click on a cell under an assignment to view the participant’s submission page. Access the participant’s submission page to see files or links that the participant has submitted to the assignment, download the assignment submissions, and make or view comments relevant to the assignment for the participant. Learn more about viewing and commenting on participant work.

The Participant Filter Menu

Use the participant filter menu for the submissions table to view one group of participants you have added to the dropbox instead of viewing all dropbox participants at once. A participant filter menu is available if the owner of the dropbox has chosen “Members of a specific group” security and has attached two or more groups to the dropbox. It is also available if a class list with sections is attached. The participant filter menu will be located above the upper left corner of the submissions table.

Download Submissions

Click Download submissions above the upper right corner of the submissions table to download all of the files or links currently submitted to the dropbox. The download will be a .zip file containing files and links from all participants for all assignments in the dropbox. Learn more about downloading submissions.