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About Open, Close, and Due Dates

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When you access a Collect It dropbox as a participant, you will see all the assignments that are available. Depending on when you submit your work in relation to the due and close dates for an assignment, your file(s) will be on time, late, or refused.

Submitting on time

If an assignment’s availability is “Open” and the due date has not passed,
you will be able to submit documents on time. After you submit your assignment, the submission status will display Submitted On Time. On the dropbox homepage, the Submitted On Time appears if all files submitted to the assignment were submitted before the due date.

Submitting late

If an assignment’s availability is still “Open” and the due date has passed, when you submit a document, the submission status displays Submitted late . If a file is submitted after the due date, even if other files were submitted to the assignment on time, the submission status will display Submitted late.

Click the title of the assignment to move to the assignment page. If a file has been submitted late, Late will display to the right of the file name.

Closed assignments

After an assignment’s availability is “Closed” you will not be able to submit files, and the submission status will remain blank. You may leave comments on the assignment page, even if the assignment is closed.