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About Collect It Dropboxes

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Collect It is an assignment submission and return system. Anyone with a UW NetID can set up a dropbox and allow participants to submit assignments for review. Assignments can be in the form of uploaded files or links to student-created websites. Dropbox owners create assignments to organize participant submissions. Owners can add others as administrators and commenters to help manage a dropbox. When owners, administrators, and commenters review submissions, they can leave comments for and return assignments to participants.

The Assignment Time Line

As a Collect It dropbox owner, you can control the availability of an assignment by setting open, due, and close dates and times. This means that you can set up all your assignments in Collect It at one time and assignment availability settings will automatically open the assignment, tag submissions as on time or past due, and close the assignment without further intervention.

A dropbox must be open for an assignment to become available to participants. Setting an open date and time for an assignment will not automatically open its dropbox.

Copy and Store a Dropbox

You can easily copy dropboxes to use them for other classes. This allows you to reuse assignments from past quarters without having to reenter them. When you copy a dropbox, all of its assignments will be copied to the new dropbox, but specifics like the participant list, participant submissions, and assignment availability settings will not be included.


You can add anyone with a UW NetID as a collaborator on your dropbox so that they can view and comment on participants’ work, or help you edit and manage your dropbox.