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Import CommonView content

Once you have exported content from CommonView, the next step is to import the content into Canvas. You will be importing an .imscc file that contains your exported rich text and files. CommonView workspace pages will become Canvas wiki pages; files will appear in the Files area.

Follow the steps below to import an .imscc file into Canvas:

  1. Navigate to the Canvas course into which you want to move the CommonView content.
  2. In the course navigation, click Settings.
  3. On the Settings page, in the right sidebar, click Import Content into this Course.
  4. From the Content type menu, select Canvas Course Export Package.
  5. Click Browse, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer and then select the .imscc file that you want to import. (You can ignore the two check box options.)
  6. Click Import. If the CommonView workspace that you exported was large, the import process may take several minutes.

When the import process is complete, check to see that all of the CommonView content was imported.

To verify that all CommonView pages transferred correctly:

In the Canvas course navigation, click Pages. In the right sidebar, under All Pages, check to see that there is a wiki page listed for each of the CommonView pages you exported.

To verify that all files transferred correctly:

In the Canvas course navigation, click Files. In the right panel, check to see that there is a file listed for each of the files you exported.