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Export content from Catalyst CommonView

The CommonView export feature allows you to create an offline copy of your workspace that you can use to quickly and easily move your course to Canvas. You can copy rich content, images, links and files. When you import the content into Canvas, CommonView workspace pages become Canvas wiki pages; files attached to the CommonView workspace are stored in the Canvas files area.

Note: Some CommonView content types are not included in the export process. These types are: Catalyst Web Tools (such as WebQ or GoPost), Google Sites Hub e-portfolio content, and RSS feeds. Additionally, although the Google Calendar can be included in the export, we recommend using the Canvas calendar instead, because it is so richly integrated with the rest of the Canvas course.

  1. Navigate to the CommonView workspace that you want to copy to Canvas.
  2. On the right side of the screen, in the Workspace actions menu, select Export to Canvas. The Export workspace to Canvas pop-in appears.
  3. Click the Export Workspace button.
  4. You should next see a dialog box named Opening YourCommonViewName.imscc. If not already selected, select the Save File option, and click OK. The file will save to your Downloads folder by default. If the workspace you are exporting contains a lot of content, the export process may take several minutes.

Once you have exported content from CommonView, the next step is to import the files to Canvas.