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Set up a conference

You can use conferences as you do office hours — to meet with one or multiple students — to answer questions or exchange ideas. If the weather is inclement, conferences can take the place of campus office hours.

Follow these steps to set up a conference:

  1. StepsActions
  2. In the course navigation, click Conferences.
  3. On the next screen, click New Conference.
  4. To start a new conference:
    • Enter a name for the conference.
    • If applicable, select the check box next to No time limit.
    • If applicable, select the check box next to Record this conference.
    • Set a time limit in the duration field.
    • Enter a description.
    • Invite participants: You can either select the check box next to Invite All Course Members, or clear the check box and enter names individually.
  5. Click Create Conference. The conference will appear on the Conferences page. Conferences are listed in chronological order, most recent to oldest.
  6. When participants click Start it now, BigBlueButton (the third-party application that handles conferences for Canvas) directs them to the conference room.

Note: If you would like advanced help and documentation on conferencing by using BigBlueButton, go to