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New VeriCite interface: Result of input from UW students & instructors

When VeriCite wanted to improve their plagiarism-detection tool, UW-IT’s Academic Experience Design & Delivery and Learning Technologies helped them find 18 enthusiastic UW students and faculty to participate in usability studies and evaluate the tool’s functionality and usefulness. Scott Siddall, VeriCite’s Managing Partner, found the exercise invaluable. “The usability sessions provided immediate, candid feedback. Having real users helped us learn what we needed to focus on and what needed to be fixed. Without feedback from real users, VeriCite’s user interface would be less effective as a teaching tool,” Scott said.

Bryan Holladay, VeriCite Project Manager, described the specific feedback that helped shape the new user interface. “The UW participants were helpful in finding unclear ‘calls to action’ and labeling, including the report score and actions menu in the assignment submissions list page. This resulted in VeriCite making changes to the wording or labels, adding visual cues and making adjustments to the inline editing feature.” More than 30 changes were made as a result of the studies.

VeriCite usability study

Usability study screenshot

The new user interface was released Thursday, July 20.