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Add a VeriCite assignment: LTI integration


  • The user interface was updated during the week of July 24th, 2017.
  • The first procedure shows you how to add an assignment using VeriCite as an external tool. UW-IT recommends an alternative method.
  • The first time you use VeriCite, you will be asked to authorize it. This is necessary in order to sync assignment and course information between Canvas and VeriCite.
    In the pop-up message, click the link to Request Authorization and then click to allow VeriCite to authorize.
  • The second procedure shows you how to sync VeriCite and Canvas rosters.

VeriCite authorization pop-up

  1. In your Canvas course navigation, click Assignments.
  2. Click +Assignments.
  3. In the text editor, enter a description or explanation about the assignment.
  4. Enter the following information for your assignment:
    • Assignment title
    • Assignment description
    • Points for the assignment
    • Assignment Group (optional)
    • Display Grade format
  5. For Submission Type, select External Tool.
    External Tool Submission Type
  6. Click in the External Tool field.
  7. Select VeriCite. When you click on VeriCite, it will fill in the URL field for you automatically.
  8. Make sure that the Load in a new tab check box is selected. For best appearance, VeriCite should open in a new tab.
    Configure external tool
  9. Click Select.
    • Optional. Set the assignment availability.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click the button to load the assignment in a new window. The assignment will appear.

Sync VeriCite and Canvas Rosters

There may be times when you want to assign a grade for a student who has not turned in an assignment. The LTI integration with Canvas will automatically add students to the VeriCite roster when they log in to your course and open an assignment in your Canvas site. However, if a student never logs in to the Canvas course at all, or never opens an assignment that uses VeriCite, you may need to sync your roster in order to assign that student a grade.

Note: Keep in mind that in order to enter a grade for a user, the user must have a Student role and the VeriCite assignment must be both gradable and published.

  1. In your Canvas course navigation, click People.In this example, Demo Student2 has accepted the course invite for the Canvas site, but has not opened any of the VeriCite assignments in the course.vericite example list of students
    If a student hasn’t opened any VeriCite assignments in the course, when you select a VeriCite assignment to grade, the student is not available in the list to enter a score.
    student missing from list
  2. Go to Setup, select Manage and then click Users Sync Canvas Roster.
    go to setup select manage users click sync canvas roster
  3. The first time you sync the roster, you will be prompted to allow access. To allow access, click Log in.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message and VeriCite will now display all students from the Canvas roster under Manage Users. Now, when you go to any assignment in your site, the entire student roster will display.

    If you ever need to delete or modify the VeriCite authorized access for your user account in Canvas, go to your User Settings. To do so, on the top right of the screen, click on your name, and then in the navigation menu, go to Settings. The Approved Integrations appear on this page and you should see VeriCite listed after you have approved it. If you delete VeriCite from the access list, you will need to allow access again the next time you sync your roster.
Last reviewed May 24, 2017