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Add a VeriCite Assignment: Native Integration

  1. In your Canvas course navigation, click Assignments.
  2. Click +Assignments.
  3. In the text editor, enter a description or explanation about the assignment.
  4. Enter the following information for your assignment:
    • Assignment title
    • Assignment description
    • Points for the assignment
    • Assignment Group (optional)
    • Display Grade format
  5. For Submission Type, select Online and Enable VeriCite Submissions.
    Submission type selection area with Enable VeriCite Submissions checkbox selected
  6. Optional. To alter settings on the assignment, click Advanced VeriCite Settings.
    Dialog box showing Advanced VeriCite Settings, including "Exclude quoted material" "Exclude Self Plagiarism" and "Store Submissions in Institutional Index"
  7. Fill out the remaining fields, including Group Assignment, Peer Review, Moderated Grading and Due date and Availability date.
  8. Click Save.