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Transition from VeriCite to SimCheck: FAQs

Why did the UW move from VeriCite to SimCheck?

VeriCite was bought by Turnitin, which released a new plagiarism detection tool called SimCheck. SimCheck offers a modern and improved interface and a better repository of documents against which assignments are checked.

When is the change coming?

  • June 15, 2020: All new and copied assignments must use SimCheck. If you copy a course with assignments that use VeriCite, you’ll need to change each assignment to use SimCheck. Read-only student assignment reports will still be available in VeriCite.
  • December 31, 2020: VeriCite reports will no longer be available.

How do I use SimCheck?

Learn how to submit an assignment and read a similarity report.

How do I create an assignment using SimCheck?

When creating an assignment, select the Online submission type in the drop-down menu and select the File Uploads check box.

submission type screen

From the Plagiarism Review drop-down menu, select SimCheck by Turnitin and customize the Turnitin plagiarism settings. See Creating an Assignment (Turnitin online help) for more details.

Screen shot of the box where you select SimCheck

If an assignment is added in VeriCite during the transition, will it automatically be moved into SimCheck?

No. SimCheck must be enabled on all assignments. If a course that uses VeriCite is copied, instructors will need to change each assignment to use SimCheck. Courses that use SimCheck will retain the setting when the course is copied.

What databases does SimCheck access?

SimCheck uses our institutional repository (copied from VeriCite) and the Turnitin internet database which is larger than the VeriCite internet database.

Last reviewed April 16, 2020