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Responding to Polls

Students and participants can respond to polls via web link, mobile app or text message for certain poll types.

UW-IT recommends using the mobile app for responding to Poll Everywhere polls. You can download the app for your mobile platform here:

Icon link to Apple store for downloading Poll Everywhere    Icon link to Google Play store for downloading Poll Everywhere

Instructions for responding to a poll question using either a web browser/app or via text are included on each poll when displayed. Note: the image below is an example poll, do not respond to “uwadmin”.

example poll image

  • If you are using the Poll Everywhere mobile app, click I’m participating, then enter the name of the poll in the field provided. Participating
  • The “” part is already added (examples: biology001 or johnsmith123).
  • Recent presentations you have joined will be saved and can be selected from the the list.
  • If you are using a web browser, enter the address displayed in your browser address bar  (other examples: or  
  • You must log in to Poll Everywhere with your UW NetID if you are responding via a web browser or the Poll Everywhere Mobile App.
  • To respond by text message, you must have registered and certified your phone number with Poll Everywhere. To join a poll, send the presentation’s name (examples: johnsmith123 or biology001) to the number listed. You will receive a message telling you you have joined.  you've joined