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New Gradebook

Instructure has developed a New Gradebook for the Canvas learning management system, and it’s now ready for you to try out! For the remainder of 2019, New Gradebook will be a course-level feature option (which means that instructors can turn it on in individual courses). Instructure will retire the old gradebook on January 4, 2020; on this date, New Gradebook will become the default.

New Gradebook offers all the features you’ve come to rely upon, along with many improvements that make it easier to use and help you to work more efficiently. Benefits of New Gradebook include:

  • Many options for arranging and filtering the gradebook; filters persist until you reset them
  • New options for sorting students and viewing student names and data
  • Easier grade entry with clear highlighting of assignment column and student row
  • Late policies to automate grades or deductions for late and missing assignments (course wide)
  • Final grade override to manually adjust student’s final course grade
  • New Grade Detail Tray brings focus to individual student submission

Video overview of New Gradebook
New Gradebook guide table of contents

Try New Gradebook now
New Gradebook is currently a course-level feature option. To try New Gradebook, follow these steps:

  1. In your Canvas course, in the left hand menu, click Settings.
  2. On the course settings page, near the top of the page, click Feature Options.
  3. On the Feature Options tab, click the toggle button to enable New Gradebook.

Please note: You can switch back to the current Gradebook unless you enable late policies or manually adjust the labels in the Grade Detail Tray. Once you do either of these things, the feature option in the course will not allow you to return to the old Gradebook. Late policies do not transfer to the old Gradebook.