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Import a WebQ Quiz to Canvas

The WebQ quiz import feature makes it easy to re-use WebQ quizzes in your Canvas courses. This feature takes advantage of Respondus quiz authoring software (available only for a Windows operating system). Importing quizzes by using this method is especially useful if your course uses many quizzes or if your quizzes include many (e.g., hundreds or thousands of) questions. If your quiz is short, or if you administer few quizzes, it may be easier to re-create the quizzes manually in Canvas.

The transfer process uses Respondus as a bridge between Catalyst WebQ and Canvas. UW-IT has Respondus software on two computers in Odegaard 230. Contact to make an appointment to come in and use Respondus. You download WebQ content to your computer, then import the content into Respondus, then export it out of Respondus. In this process you are using Respondus only to extract the content into a zipped folder. You do not have to be familiar with Respondus to use it for exporting a WebQ quiz.

Note: These tools–WebQ, Respondus, and Canvas–do not share the same question types. Therefore, some types of questions do not easily translate to the format of the other tools. Once you have added the quiz content to Canvas, you will be able to edit or revise the content and change question types, if necessary.

Export Quiz Content From WebQ

  1. Navigate to the WebQ quiz that you want to import into your Canvas course. Under About this Quiz, click Export. The Export to Respondus dialog box appears.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the dialog box, click Export.
  3. When prompted, save the file.
  4. Download the file as instructed by your Web browser. The zipped folder contains the text file, which contains the quiz content. If your quiz contains pictures, the folder will also contain a subfolder called Images. Note: If your quiz contains special characters (UTF-encoded), such as Japanese, Cyrillic, etc., open the text file in Word. Verify that the characters display properly, then save the file as a .docx file.

Convert Quiz Content by Using Respondus

  1. Open Respondus.
  2. On the Start screen, next to Current personality, select Canvas.
  3. Click Import Questions.
  4. On the Import Questions dialog box, under Select the file to Import, select Plain Text for the Type of file. Click Browse to navigate to the text file (or .docx file, if your quiz contains special characters) that contains the quiz questions. If your quiz contains images, to the right of Image Folder, click Browse to navigate to the Images subfolder.
  5. Under Choose where to add the new Questions, choose Create a new document, named, and enter a name for the new quiz file.
  6. Click Preview, and then click Finish.
  7. In the File Saved dialog box, click OK. (Although it is technically possible to edit the quiz content at this point in Respondus, we strongly recommend that you save the editing for later in Canvas.)
  8. At the top of Respondus, click the Preview & Publish tab. In the left navigation, click Publish to Canvas.
  9. On the Publish to Canvas screen, click Publish Wizard.
  10. In the Publish Wizard, under Choose an existing server, or “add new server” to add settings information for a new server, select -add new server- as your Canvas Server. This opens the Canvas Server Settings dialog box.
  11. Under Enter a name to describe this Canvas server, enter a name you will easily recognize and remember for these settings. Enter your user name and password for Canvas (your UW NetID and password). Make sure that you select the Remember my User Name and Password checkbox. This is necessary for a successful log in. Choose Run connection test. Click Next.
  12. You will see a screen giving you information about the test process. Next, the Instructure Canvas Authorization dialog box will open. You will be prompted to log in to Canvas with you UW NetID and password. You will then see the UW Login titled with Respondus Quiz Builder, with a message: “Respondus Quiz builder is requesting access to your account” and verifying your account information. Click Log in.
  13. You will be returned to the Preconfigured Server Settings Wizard. Wait to see the message: “Connection Test: Completed Successfully. Click [Next] to continue.” Click Next.
    Note: You may see an error message after your first attempt to log in that says: “Connection Test: Failed; you may need to edit the settings manually. Click [Next] to continue.” This can happen when the system does not recognize the Canvas server name. If you get this message, click Next, and then click Continue. This takes you to the Publish Wizard. Under Choose an existing server, or “add new server” to add settings information for a new server, select the name you entered on the previous attempt. Enter your UW NetID and password, and click OK. On the Canvas log-in page, click Authorize. The system should now recognize the server name.
  14. Click Finish. This returns you to the Publish Wizard. Click Next.
  15. Under Select assessment type, choose Graded Quiz. Under Specify server action and item name, choose Create and enter a name. Click Next.
  16. Under Click in the area or folder to publish to, find and click on the name of your course. Click Next.
  17. A status window appears. Wait until you see “– Publish Complete Successfully –“. Click Finish.
  18. Exit from Respondus.

Verify Import of Quiz Content to Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the Canvas course into which you imported the quiz.
  3. In the course navigation, click Quizzes. Navigate to the quiz you imported and click it. In the upper right-hand corner, click Publish. You will be notified that the quiz is published.
  4. Click Edit. In the Settings tab, review the settings for your quiz. In the Questions tab, review the imported questions. To see all of the questions expanded, select the Show Question Details box. To edit a question, hover over it to reveal the pencil icon. To delete a question, click X.
  5. Click the pencil icon to open the questions and answers. At this point, you can change the question type, revise the point value, add more answers, and edit the existing answer test. The Canvas Instructor Guides provide instruction about creating and editing quizzes.
  6. When you are finished editing, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click Save.