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Canvas Gradebook: “Muted Assignments” setting for importing grades

Important: The functionality associated with “muted assignments” has been replaced by Canvas’s new grade posting policies.

If you are using New Gradebook, and have unposted grades, you can learn more about post policies here.

The Canvas Gradebook includes a setting—”muted assignments”—that modifies the total score displayed in the interface; this setting changes the value that instructors see in the Canvas gradebook, but does not change the saved scores that are available for import.

Muting an assignment temporarily hides assignment grades from students.  Read more about muted assignments in Canvas.

Muted assignments in the Canvas Gradebook may cause problems when importing the Canvas total score. The scores for muted assignments are not included in the calculation of the imported score, although the total score looks correct in the Canvas grade book.

If you have muted assignments and you want to import Canvas total scores into the online grade submission form, please follow these steps to make sure you get accurate grades:

  1. From within your Canvas course, in the left-hand course navigation, click Grades.
  2. Identify muted assignments. These have a small icon next to the assignment title, showing a speaker with a red line through it.
  3. Unmute all muted assignments. To unmute an assignment, hover over the assignment title. A small down arrow appears. Click the arrow. A menu appears. Select Unmute Assignment. A dialog box appears asking you to confirm. Click the Unmute Assignment button.
  4. Repeat this process for all muted assignments.

Although the correct grades are shown in the Canvas grade book, there may be a lag between what is displayed in Canvas and what is sent to GradePage. To ensure that the most recent grades are imported into GradePage, you should:

  1. Open your Canvas Gradebook.
  2. At the top right of the page, click Export.
  3. From the menu, select CSV File.

This forces the changed values to be updated. The most recently updated version will now be ready to import into the online grade submission form.

You can now import, convert, and submit your grades. Follow the instructions here: Import and convert Canvas grades for submission.

Last reviewed March 19, 2020