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Organize and Manage Your Course

Organizing and managing a class can be time-consuming, particularly when course materials are diverse and complex. Information technologies can help. A Web site can be a dependable and accessible place to store and access course materials, relieving you of the burden of photocopying handouts. Online quizzes and assignment collection can save precious class time as well.

Common Goals

  • Reduce time and resources used for administrative tasks.
  • Provide a dependable location for resources that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
  • Provide clear expectations for students.


Options for efficiently organizing and managing your course are suggested below.

Catalyst CommonView

A course workspace created with CommonView can provide a gateway to course resources for students. CommonView workspaces give students online access to course materials like syllabi, schedules, lecture slides/notes, handouts, homework assignments, and announcements whenever and wherever they have Web access. Getting Started

Catalyst Collect It

The easy-to-use interface of the Collect It tool allows your students to submit homework assignments to you over the Web. With electronic submission of assignments, instructors no longer have to worry about cumbersome email attachments or misplaced hard copies. Collect It also provides several ways to sort, download, and give feedback on assignments.

Catalyst WebQ

WebQ makes it easy to create online surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires that you can use to assess students’ interests and proficiencies, evaluate their learning, and get feedback on your course. In addition to facilitating the grading of quizzes, you could use a WebQ survey to check in with students on their level of experience with technology early in a course that uses computers to get a sense of their technical proficiency and level of comfort. WebQ can also be used to collect feedback from students on anything from a single class meeting to an entire term project at any point throughout the quarter.

Catalyst UMail

UMail allows your students to send email messages to you or to your assistants through an online form.
Depending on the settings you select the messages can be anonymous so that students feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. You can control the flow of information from your students by directing UMail to yourself, your assistants, or whomever you designate.

UW Libraries’ Electronic Course Reserves

The electronic course reserves allow you to make course materials available in digital format to your students 24 hours a day. By requiring a UW NetID for access, electronic reserve protects your course materials as well. Posting to the electronic reserve system is easy! Find out how to manage your own electronic course reserves page.

My UWClass

Designed for instructors, MyUWClass is a tool that collects and displays class information and useful links in one easy place. Use it to find class lists, edit your course descriptions in the time schedule, access Catalyst tools associated with your courses, and more. To access MyUWClass, log into MyUW at Then select the “Teaching” Tab on the left. In the “Teaching Class Schedule”, you will see a button for “MyUWClass”. Each class you teach will have this button which leads to a separate informational page specific to that class.

Course Web site

A course Web site can be the gateway to resources for students. By creating a course Web site you can allow students to easily access course requirements, syllabi, lecture overheads, homework assignments, and announcements at any time, from home or school.

Campus Resources

  • Learning Technologies Workshops – UW-IT offers workshops to help you use the tools you need to address the diverse learning styles of your students. Participation in these workshops is free for all UW instructors, employees, and students. Advance registration is required for some workshops.
  • Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) – CTL offers a variety of resources and services designed to promote effective teaching and learning. The center is open to all UW faculty and teaching assistants.

Further Reading