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Creating a QuickPoll Survey

This guide outlines practical teaching and technical points you may find helpful as you plan your one-question Web-based survey or quiz.

QuickPoll is designed to allow you to set up one-question anonymous surveys which your students may complete quickly and efficiently. QuickPoll is an online, simple, anonymous, one-question survey tool that can help you receive valuable feedback from your students. Whether in the form of a survey or a short quiz, Catalyst’s QuickPoll tool makes collecting information from your students easier. Students respond online, and their answers are automatically compiled so you can read their responses and view basic statistics, as numbers or graphs, directly through the QuickPoll page. Student responses are also available as a dataset that you can download and analyze in a spreadsheet or statistical package of your own, such as Microsoft Excel or SPSS.

  • Setting up a one-question survey is quick and easy.
  • QuickPoll collects and organizes the responses and updates charts automatically.
  • QuickPoll can be linked to EPost, and they may used together.
  • You can insert a link to your QuickPoll into your web page, or a preformatted code can be pasted into your web page to have the poll appear on the page.
  • Voting by students is anonymous, which helps to create more accurate feedback.

Consider user access to technology

Because it is Web-based, this resource requires students to have access to the Internet to use it. Although you may not notice a difference connecting on campus, students connecting from home via modem will have to wait considerably longer to view Web pages with images.

Decide on a voting group

When configuring your QuickPoll questionnaire, you will need to decide who has access to your survey. You can limit access or allow anybody with access to the Web to vote. If you require students to use their UW NetID to complete the form, it will restrict the survey to UW affiliated students and staff only. You can also limit the people who vote to just those on your class list.

Consider the method of access to your QuickPoll

Although having a class Web page is not necessary to use QuickPoll, it can be a useful starting point to direct students to Web-based educational tools. The URLs of QuickPoll surveys can be long and complicated to transmit and retype. By creating a Web site with a link to your questionnaire, you can ensure that your students can more easily find it. In addition, Catalyst offers preformatted code to paste into your web site so that the poll will appear on your Web site or pop up in a new window.