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Checklist for WebQ Research Surveys

___Learn to use WebQ.

___Determine if survey needs Human Subject Division (HSD) approval.

___Design survey on paper.

___Create electronic information statement (if applicable).

___Create survey with correct security.

___Determine if you need demographic information.

___If needed, apply for approval from HSD. Include the following in your application:

  • ___Let HSD know that you will be using WebQ to collect data.
  • ___Printed copy of your survey, and the link to the online survey.
  • ___The text of your messages if sending email announcements and reminders.
  • ___A description of how you will provide the information statement to participants
    and include a printed copy of the statement.
  • ___Request and rationale for a waiver of documentation of consent.
  • ___A copy of your Web page or the content of the page if you are planning to direct participants post-survey to a thank you or custom confirmation Web page.
  • ___Any demographic questions.
  • ___Documentation of whether the survey is confidential or anonymous. Print out the survey summary page.
  • ___An explanation of any window of limited identifiability built into the project.
  • ___If a pre-determined email list will be used, and if so, how the email addresses will be obtained.
  • ___If survey questions can be skipped or if all or some questions will be required.
  • ___Who will have access to the survey data. Print out any associated collaboration groups and the privileges assigned to those groups.
  • ___If the survey results will be viewable by participant, question, or both.

___Receive HSD approval.

___Administer survey.

___View and download (to a secure location) results.