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MyUW Mobile Use Has Skyrocketed

MyUW mobile has received an impressive 1.1 million pageviews since the September 2014 update was released. This 90% increase in usage of the mobile version of MyUW validates design decisions, informed by user study data, that went into creating the rebuilt MyUW mobile.

Another data point that validates the improved design is the access to the Resources links (158,832) on the current version compared to access of MyLinks, on the first iteration of MyUW mobile (9,241). These data are particularly gratifying given results of the EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) annual survey of higher ed students’ experience with technology. The ECAR data indicates a strong desire among students for mobile access to academic resources. See the UW-IT report on the ECAR data. In the case of MyUW mobile, the usage data suggest that the tool is helping to meet student need.

Additional data points:

  • The availability of final grades on MyUW drew many students to the new mobile version, increasing usage by 189% (49,625 vs. 17,171) on the day that grades are due.
  • Access for the first day of the quarter increased nearly 50% (57,080 vs. 38,763).
  • Access to the MyUW landing page increased by 47% increase (760,056 vs 516,792).
  • The availability of the visual schedule and final grades on the mobile site also appear to contribute to a decrease in mobile access to the desktop version.

If you have not tried it, visit MyUW with your mobile device.

Last reviewed March 23, 2022