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Keyboards and Mice

Various devices provide alternate means of input for users who have trouble with standard keyboards and mice.

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List of Keyboards

The ATC offers a wide range of keyboards and keyboard substitutes to assist persons with mobility restrictions and other disabilities.

BigKeysLX keyboard

Comfort Keyboard

Goldtouch keyboard

Goldtouch 10-Key keyboard

  • Silicon Spill-Proof Keyboard (Many Vendors): Flexible keyboard designed for portability and resistance to liquid damage.

Silicone spill-proof keyboard

EZ Reach keyboard

(No image available)

Adesso keyboard

Microsoft Natural 4000 Ergonomic keyboard

  • Dvorak Keyboard, Right or Left-Handed (NA): The ATC makes its own Dvorak keyboards, using a keyboard label kit and system software modifications to a used standard keyboard.

A right-handed DVORAK keyboard

Keyboard Accessories

Various products ease the use of keyboards for persons with disabilities, increasing contrast and reducing key selection error.

  • KeySpots (KeySpots): Color-coded laptop keyboard labels for low-vision users and others who benefit by dividing the keyboard into color groups.

KeySpots keyboard labls

(No image available)

(No image available)

List of Mice/Mouse Alternatives

The following devices give disabled users alternatives to conventional mouse use, or expand mouse functionality.

Kensington Expert Mouse trackball mouse alternative

Cirque Smart Cat Touchpad mouse alternative

Switch-Adapted Mouse Trackball by RJ Cooper

Joystick Plus mouse alternative by Traxsys


Roller Mouse Free 2 mouse alternative

  • RollerMouse Pro 2 (Contour): Rolling-bar pointer system, usable as a mouse alternative.

Countour Roller Mouse Pro 2 mouse alternative

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts can ease keyboard use for people with various disabilities.