HR & Finance Applications Board 

Last updated: October 18, 2023
Audience: All UW

Purpose & Responsibilities

The HR & Finance Applications Board provides business leadership, prioritization, alignment and standards for changes to applications in the domain.

Participants in this level of governance are responsible for:

  • Planning
    • Review and modify plans through the Quarterly Planning process.
    • Ensure that plans drive to the strategic directions set by the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Ensure that central business units in the domain reach alignment on an agreed-upon plan for each quarter for known projected work and resources.
    • Form sub-groups as needed to work in more detail on specific issues.
    • Discuss and resolve cross-functional impacts.
    • Ensure that input from units across the UW is incorporated in prioritization of changes.
    • Review and modify or approve proposed projects through the Project Planning and Review process.
  • Direction
    • Set priorities for allocation of resources to ongoing Operations & Maintenance and Change Requests, in alignment with the high-level direction set by the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Ensure that priorities are appropriately balanced between key drivers including required compliance, functional improvements, technical sustainability, and risk mitigation.
    • Ensure that issues escalated from the HR & Finance Applications Change Control governance are resolved or, as needed, escalated to the Executive Sponsor Group.
    • Provide direction to prevent, where appropriate, unnecessary redundancy or non-sustainable implementations and resulting inefficiencies and risks.
  • Coordination
    • Consider and discuss the impact of administrative system changes on people, process, technology, standards and policies.
    • In collaboration with UW Data Governance, ensure that applications in the domain respond to institutional needs for defining, managing and reporting on data across functional boundaries
    • In collaboration with the Chief Information Security Officer, champion IT security measures, policies and practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT resources.
    • Ensure that the broader campus community is informed of major planned changes in applications and related business processes, policies, or standards.
  • Reference Architecture & Standards
    • Provide ongoing sponsorship for reference architectures in the HR & Finance domain, known as Workday Guardrails, and champion their use in changes in the domain.
    • Identify needs for new or updated reference architectures and charge groups as needed to draft them on behalf of the Board.
  • Value Delivery
    • Identify key service metrics for applications in the domain and charge application teams with collecting information.
    • Periodically review service metrics and make changes in response.


  • Co-Chair: Ryan Markowski, Director, Finance Administration, UW Medicine
  • Co-Chair: Jennifer Dunn, Executive Director, Integrated Service Center, UW-IT
  • Alissa Mahar, Associate Vice President, Operations, UW-IT
  • Anja Canfield-Budde, Associate Vice President, Information Management, UW-IT
  • Jessica Bertram, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Service, UW Finance
  • Casey St. Clair, AVP of Sponsored Programs Finance, UW Finance
  • Chris Mercer, Executive Director, UW Finance Transformation
  • Erick Winger, Controller and Associate Vice President for Financial Accounting, UW Finance
  • Erik Walerius, Chief Supply Chain Officer, UW Medicine
  • Jason Campbell, Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Jim Kresl, Assistant Vice Provost and Director of ORIS, Office of Research
  • Kristal Mauritz-Miller, Chief Administrative Officer, IT Services, UW Medicine
  • Margaret “Peg” Stuart, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Office of Academic Personnel
  • Lisa Pascuzzi (interim), UW Medicine Controller, UW Medicine
  • Rachel Gatlin, Assistant Vice President, UW Human Resources
  • Mary Mulvihill, Associate Vice President (interim), IT Infrastructure, UW-IT
  • Annette Sommer, Associate Vice President, UW Finance & University Treasurer
  • Kim Dinh, Sr. Director for Finance, HR & Administration, Office of President & Provost
  • Shared Environments representatives


The HR & Finance Applications Board meets monthly, with more frequent meetings as needed during periods of high activity.