Use of Public Resources for Campaigning

Last updated: August 17, 2020

This message was sent to all Faculty and Staff with approval from the Office of the President.

The political season is here, and this is a reminder that University of Washington employees may not use University facilities, phones, computers, or computer systems (such as email and the internet) for campaign purposes.

Under the state ethics law, it is illegal to use state resources to support or oppose ballot propositions (such as initiatives and referendums) or to assist or oppose a candidate for election. Historically, the Washington State Ethics Board has taken the rules against campaigning very seriously and has brought enforcement actions against individual employees.

The University’s policy is set forth in the UW Administrative Policy Statement on Personal Use of University Facilities, Computers, and Equipment by University Employees

Further information can be found at the Washington State Ethics Board‘s website.

Also for your information, a memorandum on Use of Public Funds/Facilities on Election Campaigns is available from Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact UW Internal Audit.