Compliance Assurance & Major Procurements

Last updated: July 25, 2022

Compliance Assurance

The Compliance Assurance function ensures University-wide compliance with state and University regulations and policy regarding information technology projects, portfolios and acquisitions by:

  • Understanding and communicating external regulatory requirements to UW staff
  • Providing guidance and direction on compliance efforts

As a part of those efforts, this function helps ensure that procurement contracts for University information technology acquisitions are conducted in accordance with delegations of authority from, and are appropriately reported to and approved by:

  • The UW Board of Regents, Standing Orders, and the Executive Orders of the President of the University of Washington, and/or
  • The State of Washington Office of the Chief Information Officer

Major Procurements

The Major Procurements function provides exceptional experience and expertise in UW and state technology procurement alternatives, processes and regulations. This function can help groups throughout the UW community understand and successfully conduct technology acquisitions in accordance with often complex compliance and procedural requirements.

Major Procurements also provides advice that helps groups throughout the UW community with technology acquisitions while ensuring that all acquisitions are effective and conducted in accordance with state and federal law and procedure as well as University and state policy.

For help or advice with a technology acquisition issue, please contact:


Kerry Kahl
Email  | 206-685-4900
UW Mailbox: 354999