Customer Refund Policy

Last updated: October 11, 2022

UW Information Technology (UW-IT) strives for accuracy in billing but recognizes that discrepancies may occur. Therefore, UW-IT will review a charge at customer request when notified within 90 days of the charge appearing in MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD). If it is determined that the charge was made in error by UW-IT, a reverse charge will be issued to refund the customer.

Request a Refund

  1. Send email to and let us know which charge you believe was made in error.
    • Include details so that we can locate your charge: department, date the charge appeared on MyFD (must be within the last 90 days), budget number, charged amount, description of service billed, and reason for submitting the request.
  2. We will send a reply email to notify you whether your budget is eligible for a refund based on the details you provided.
    • If your request for a refund is confirmed, the charge will be reversed and will be processed to your budget.
    • If it is determined that the charge was not the fault of UW-IT (for example: customer failed to cancel a service), then we will verify the service should be cancelled to stop future billing.

Policy Questions

Who to Contact

If you have questions concerning this policy, please contact the Director of Finance for UW-IT.

Exceptions to this policy must be authorized in writing by the Director of Finance for UW-IT.

Factors Impacting the Policy

  • Reconciliation Timeline: According to UW Budget Activity Reconciliation Process Guidelines, budget reconciliations should be completed on a monthly basis within 45 days of the month-end close, but no less frequently than quarterly (i.e., 90 days).
  • Rate Setting Process: Some costs are included in cost pools that are allocated each year in the budget and rate setting process. Rates are set once a year and adjustments are not made mid-year.
  • Budget Cycle: As a public institution, the UW operates on a fiscal year and the State of Washington biennial budget cycle. Once the fiscal year ends and the biennium is closed, prior periods cannot be adjusted.

May 11, 2012