Research Computing

Last updated: August 16, 2022

This unit is responsible for:

Developing and implementing an overall strategy, across all UW-IT divisions, for a coordinated cyberinfrastructure. Cyberinfrastructure refers to the coordinated aggregate of software, hardware and other technologies, as well as human expertise, required to support current and future discoveries in science and engineering. The Research Computing unit coordinates the UW’s cyberinfrastructure as follows:

  • On-site High Performance Computing (HPC): Operating the Hyak shared cluster supercomputer, which is open to the entire UW research community and supports a broad range of workloads, from traditional HPC to emerging Big Data problems and everything in between. Hyak is designed and operated to address use cases that are not well served by alternatives at the laboratory scale, from national supercomputer centers, or from volunteer or commercial cloud providers.
  • On-site large-scale storage: Operating the lolo Archive and Collaboration file services, which provide UW researchers with convenient, cost-effective means for secure, long-term data storage and for high-speed sharing of data sets with collaborators on and off campus.
  • Remote research computing: Functioning as an honest broker/matchmaking resource for researchers, whether those resources are supercomputers, volunteer, or commercial cloud systems, to identify the most appropriate computational resource.
  • Consulting, outreach, and education: Providing broad-based education in the form of courses and documentation, combined with targeted consulting, which enables UW researchers to make effective use of computational resources wherever they reside.

This unit additionally offers Cloud & Data Solutions to help with understanding and evaluating cloud computing services, as well as help with the design of cloud-based solutions appropriate to data-driven science.

  • For internal UW-IT and broader University of Washington information technology staff, serving as a resource for potential use of cloud services for more traditional enterprise or other computing applications and systems.
  • Engagement with cloud providers such Amazon, Google and Microsoft to bring educational resources and design solutions for cloud deployment to the UW.   

Research Computing works closely with the University of Washington’s eScience Institute.


Rob Fatland
Director, Cloud & Data Solutions

Email | 425-229-1930
UW Mailbox: 354843

Nam Pho
Director of Cyberinfrastructure

Email | 206-616-7402
UW Mailbox: 354843