IT Infrastructure

Last updated: January 25, 2023

IT Infrastructure provides system design, system management, software engineering and operational support for academic and administrative systems, the University’s wired and wireless networks, telecommunications services, departmental IT and the UW-IT organization.

This division additionally supports the state K-20 Education Network and national and international networks, including the Pacific Northwest Gigapop, Internet2 and others.

This division is responsible for: (links to be updated after port)

  • IT Infrastructure Services: Responsible for major infrastructure services, including Data Centers, Data Networks (wired and wireless), Identity and Access Management, Infrastructure Tools, Servers and Storage, and Phones and Voice.
  • Regional Networks: Oversees UW-IT’s diverse and collaborative contributions for the strategy, design, and operations of critical technology infrastructure for our major network partners, including K-20 Education Network, Pacific Northwest Gigapop and UW Medicine.
  • IT Operations: Operates and maintains the networks that support the UW and Network Programs 24x7x365. This includes activating network and phone ports, installation and support of switches, wireless access points, optical networking gear, and routers. We also provide telephony service support and fiber management. We are the tier 2 network engineering team for the network operations service.
  • Service Management Office: Implements IT Service Management as a best practice framework to ensure alignment of UW-IT services with the University’s current and future needs. This includes the development and continual improvement of ITSM roles, processes and tools.
  • Workforce Strategy and Development: Ensures a holistic strategy for recruiting, developing, managing, retaining and redeploying ITI’s workforce to maximize effectiveness in support of strategic business priorities.


Mary Mulvihill
Interim Associate Vice President
Email | 206-685-4863
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