Explore use of digital identity wallets

Last updated: July 5, 2021
June 30, 2021 — Participation in the live demo is now closed. This page remains in place to maintain the instructions used for a limited availability proof-of-concept demonstration of digital identity wallets conducted during Spring quarter 2021. The demo was only available to limited audiences in the UW community. To participate in future activities , contact help@uw.edu with “digital identity wallet demo” in the email subject.

Follow these steps to try the demo:

  1. StepsActions
  2. In your browser, go to identity.uw.edu.
  3. Sign in with your UW NetID, as usual.
  4. Select the “Labs” tab at the top.
  5. Select the “Self Sovereign Identity Lab”. Note: if this lab or the tab isn’t displayed to you, it means you’re not (yet) participating in the limited availability proof-of-concept demo. A note about how to participate is included at the top of this page.
  6. Now pause… and note that the demo is organized as four major steps, as follows.
  7. Step 1: download and install Connect.Me wallet to your mobile device.
    1. Connect.Me on the Apple Store
    2. Connect.Me on Google Play
    3. Critical – during installation make sure that “Use Staging Net” is toggled ON. This setting is critical because the demo relies on the Sovrin Staging Net to find and resolve the decentralized identifiers (DIDs) involved in and underlying the demo (and the demo gods are rarely kind to those who miss critical instructions).
  8. Step 2: Make a connection between your wallet and the UW.
    1. In your browser, select the “Generate QR Code” button.
    2. On your device, open the Connect.Me app.
    3. In Connect.Me, tap the “Scan” button (bottom right).
    4. Use the app to scan the QR code.
    5. Wait a sec…
    6. Accept the connection with UW.
    7. Optional – tap the hamburger icon and select “My Connections” to confirm that you now have your first “connection” registered in your wallet; it’s like connecting in the real world, kinda neat on its own but more likely to lead to the question “now what do we do?”
  9. Step 3: Now you can proceed to accept a credential issued by the UW.
    1. In your browser, select the “Issue Credentials” button.
    2. Wait a sec…
    3. In Connect.Me, accept the credential offer from the UW.
    4. Optional – tap the hamburger icon and select “My Credentials” to view the credential stored in your wallet. The credential contains attributes based on this credential definition which in turn is based on this credential schema.
  10. Step 4: Provide proof of credentials.
    1. In your browser, select the “Provide proof” button. Note: for this step, you might use your imagination to pretend as if you had first browsed to some other website that requires proof of credentials. The demo is set up with Identity.UW playing the role of both issuer and verifier of the credential. Normally, the issuer, holder (you and your wallet), and verifier of the credential would be different parties.
    2. Wait a sec…
    3. In Connect.Me, tap “Share Attributes” to respond to the proof request from the UW.
    4. In your browser, select the “Claim Prize” button. If you attended the 2019 Student TechExpo (yes, IRL, when campus was open) and you tapped your Husky Card at the table hosted by UW-IT Identity & Access Management, your credential will include an “offereditem” attribute that makes you eligible for a prize (🎊). For others the “offereditem” attribute is none, and you’ll receive only our gratitude and congratulations.
  11. Congratulations! You’ve completed the Self Sovereign Identity demo!