December 26, 2018

Final reminder: Action required on your UW Windows Live account before Dec. 31, 2018

The following email was sent to individuals who have a UW Windows Live account (also known as UW Outlook Live, Live@edu,

You are receiving this message because you have a UW Windows Live account (also known as UW Outlook Live, Live@edu, and need to take action before the retirement of your UW Windows Live account on December 31, 2018. This is your final reminder.


As was announced in December 2017, UW Windows Live (also known as UW Outlook Live, Live@edu,, will fully retire on December 31, 2018.

Current UW students, faculty, staff, Emeriti Faculty, and Emeriti Librarians are eligible for automated migration of their UW Windows Live mailbox content to either UW Exchange Online (Microsoft Office 365) or UW Gmail (Google G Suite) at no cost. You must, however, complete the steps below no later than December 31, 2018. As of that date, access to your UW Windows Live account will end and shortly after any content stored on it will be permanently deleted, including all email, calendar events, contacts, folders, files, etc.

IMPORTANT: Only the UW Windows Live account will be deactivated. Your UW NetID and UW email address are NOT being deleted or deactivated.

Individuals with accounts on Windows Live WILL NOT be able to receive email until email forwarding is redirected to an alternate email service. They WILL lose access to their Windows Live account, inbound email will bounce, and any remaining mailbox data will be permanently deleted soon after.

Steps you need to take

Please reference the instructions and links below to migrate your UW Windows Live account. The steps below are also listed on IT Connect:

  1. Check with your department/unit IT support to see:
  2. Verify your UW Windows Live account status
  3. Check for content in your UW Windows Live account
  4. Migrate content from your UW Windows Live account (if desired)
    • Migration from UW Windows Live for Shared UW NetIDs is supported by a third-party vendor consulting firm called Comparex (see here for more information on Comparex-supported migration)
    • Approximate turn-around for a Comparex-supported migration request can be up to 10 business days;  requests submitted after December 14, 2018, are being processed on a “best effort” basis.
  5. Deactivate your UW Windows Live account

Preserving public records

When migrating email or files, take care to preserve UW records according to records management guidance and the General Records Retention Schedule or the UW Medicine Records Retention Schedule.

Additional information


If you need help, please contact:

  • Your department/unit IT support, or
  • UW Information Technology Service Center (available 24×7)

Thank you for your assistance with this important initiative.

UW-IT Email Modernization Program Team