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Shared Web Hosting Mailing Lists

Web Publishing Servers

These lists send service changes, software upgrades, incidents, and outages regarding web publishing.

Announcement List for UW Shared Web Hosting Users

Mailman list for web publishing users for UW Shared Web Hosting users.

Please note: this list is auto-managed and cannot be subscribed to directly.  It is used for ad hoc or directed announcements to limited numbers of the community.

Linux Shell lists for ovid and vergil servers

These low-traffic lists send reboot notification and service impacts regarding MySQL servers running on these servers.  These lists are also auto-managed.  Information is sent to all current members of the ovid/vergil communities.

Mailman list for users of  vergil (students and student groups)

Mailman list for users of ovid (staff, faculty, departmental accounts, and course accounts)

Content Management Systems

Sign up to these lists share ideas and solutions about utilizing content management systems around the UW.

WordPress Users

WordPress Users Mailman List

Drupal Users

Drupal Users Mailman List

General Lists


UWWeb Mailing List



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Mailman Help

If you’re unfamiliar with Mailman lists, please read this webpage on UW Mailman lists.
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Last reviewed June 10, 2019