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Network Portal

The UW-IT network management portal provides access to information about your network connection and also provides self-service administration of network services to authorized contacts. The portal uses responsive design, so its layout depends on the size of the display. After you login to the portal, you will see relevant information about your network connection including  your workstation’s IP address, MAC address, and (if we are able) an estimate of the network performance for the subnet.

Other features currently provided by the portal include:

  • Editing your contact information; This is only used by the Advisory application to notify network contacts about planned and unplanned work that might affect connectivity.
  • Detailed connection information: this includes DHCP lease, wall-port, and router information.
  • Managing Contact Groups:
    • View the membership of groups you are a member of
    • Add/remove contacts from the groups you manage (admin contacts only)
    • View the resources belonging to a contact group you are a member of

Network Portal


Who is a Network Contact (NC)?

A NC is anyone responsible in some way for administration of network resources at a local (school, department, or unit) level. Historically, these were called subnet contacts and domain contacts, but the portal will eventually allow more and different resources to be administered and so a new name was needed.

NCs also may be a shared NetID, or a distribution list, but we strongly recommend that you only grant the administrative contact role to a personal UW NetID, as this will enable auditing. We also strongly recommend you leverage the UW groups service to manage these network contacts, since it will allow us to more easily remove names of people who leave the University.

What is a contact group?

Contact groups have resources associated with them, and the Contacts with the Administrator role can administer both the group and its resources. A NC can be in multiple groups.

What Types of NCs are there?

A NC has three possible roles:

  • Billing Contact: this role will receive requests for payment for non-TRF-funded network resources. These include the periodic renewal of non-UW domain names and non-TRF-funded network ports. This role does not receive notices about network issues.
  • Technical Contact: this role receives notices about resources managed by the group. These include the advisory notices from the NOC for maintenance work.
  • Admin Contact: this role is allowed to manage resources and membership of their contact groups.

What resources can be managed from the portal?

IP addresses and some types of DNS records (specifically PTR, CNAME, A, and AAAA) can be administered in the portal. This means if you are an administrator for these resources, you will not need to contact the NOC for anything other than an exception request (such as other record types, or if you are out of assignable IP addresses).

What about other record types?

The ones that will be listed on the portal are the most common requests the NOC deals with. Use the Contact Us icon at the top to make your request, and these will be handled using the current system

Other Questions?

Use the Contact Us icon at the top of the page.