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UW Subdomain Request

You may now choose to have a sub-domain under either UW.EDU or WASHINGTON.EDU. Email and other services are using as the primary domain now and we are now encouraging new sub-domains to be under the parent domain and then choose to also set a link from the domain as well. Domains in either or will be reserved in both so as to maintain a consistent identity across both domains.

Your first step should be to determine whether or not a new subdomain is really necessary for your department. To avoid complicating subdomain management any more than necessary, we strongly encourage units to use existing subdomains especially for internal-only resources.

Subdomains under “” or “” are intended to provide a “home” for names of computers belonging to a particular department. Thus, subdomain names should be derived from academic or administrative department names, typically as abbreviations such as “phys” for physics or “geog” for geography, or as acronyms such as “gslis” for the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences.

If you do determine that an existing subdomain won’t suit the needs of your department, a new one can be requested by returning the information below to UW Network Operations. New subdomains must be approved by all of the following people and may take several weeks to complete:

  • Chair or head of the sponsoring department
  • Dean or Vice President of the sponsoring department
  • Vice President for UW Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

If this subdomain will be used to create a new Windows domain (Active Directory domain), then you should first review

UW Sub-domain Request

Bolded titles indicate that the field is required.

Your Name

Your Email

Proposed Sub-domain Name.
Please suggest two possible names; both and will be included in the request.

Purpose of sub-domain
What will this sub-domain be used for? External communications, Internal communications, UW Groups Service?

Name of sponsoring department
Which UW department or unit is sponsoring this sub-domain and its use? Include the primary domain name associated with the department.

If the group proposing the subdomain is not the same as the general department, what is the relationship to the department?

Name of Department Head

Phone of Department Head

Email Address of Department Head

Name of cognizant Dean or Vice President

Phone of Dean/VP

Email Address of Dean/VP

Sub-domain Contact Group

Subdomain Contact Group Name
Provide the name of an existing contact group from the networks portalor the name of the new contact group.