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Non-UW Domain Request

The following template should be completed by University departments or organizations that would like UW Information Technology to provide primary DNS for new non- “” domain. However, before completing the template, a few issues must be clarified:

All requests for new domain names hosted by UW Information Technology’s URL Forwarding Service will be acted on and notice sent to all of the following people who have the option to object:

  • Chair or head of the sponsoring department
  • Dean or Vice President of the sponsoring department
  • Vice President for UW Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

UW Information Technology will register a domain with an external registrar. The initial registration payment and renewals are charged to your budget number, but UW Information Technology is responsible for the setup and management of the account with the name registrar.

Do not worry about obtaining the approvals yourself. We will do all the legwork of obtaining the approvals. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: the process of securing the necessary approvals can take some time. Please be patient, and be assured that we will notify you soon after all approvals are received.

Second, the applicant organization or department must provide a billing contact. The Internic requires a payment of $15 per year for new domain registrations. Once that amount is remitted, the domain will be valid for three years. UW Information Technology will coordinate purchase of the domain, and the budget number provided on the template will be charged.

Third, the applicant organization or department should confirm that the desired domain is not currently registered to another party. They can check by typing “whois -h ” where is the desired domain (e.g., “”). If the query returns “No match for “, then the domain is probably available for registration. Alternatively, users may direct their web browsers to “” for a web-based whois engine.

Finally,  use of University of Washington DNS servers to provide name service for personal or commercial domains is strictly prohibited. Indeed, use of any UW resources, including the network, for any personal or commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Non-UW Domain Request Form

Bolded titles indicate that the field is required.

Your Name

Your Email

Proposed Domain Name. Please list at least two and a brief note of what the domain name stands for

Purpose of domain

Name of sponsoring department

Department or Organization Information

Department or Organization Name


Information About The Applicable Dean


Email Address


Information About The Departmental Chair/Director


Email Address


Information on Domain Contact(s)







Second Domain Contact (Optional)







Name Control

With no name control, anyone may suggest a name to use and UW-IT will add it to the DNS without checking with the domain contact. With name control, the domain contact has control of all names to be entered into the domain. UW-IT will not add hostnames into DNS until it has checked with the domain contact and verified that the addition is acceptable.

Choose Name Control Type

  • NO - Anyone may suggest a name and it will be added to DNS without checking with the domain contact
  • YES - The domain contact has control of all names entered into the domain
  •  NO YES

    About This Domain

    Purpose of registering domain and the domain's intended audience

    Department or organization's affiliation with the UW

    Purpose or reason a non-"" domain is preferred

    Billing and Budget Information

    Billing Contact Information


    Organization Name

    Street Address



    Postal Code



    Fax Number


    UW NetID of Billing Contact

    UW Box Number

    UW Budget Information

    Budget Name

    Budget Number

    Sub Code




    Budget Department

    Number of Years to Purchase