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Requesting a New Subdomain

New UW Subdomains

The UW Information Technology is responsible for the administration of Domain Name System (DNS) domains or zones served by the centralized UW Information Technology servers. This includes almost all domains that appear as part of and such as and UW subdomains are very public and visible and so are subject to a process of approvals, including the head of the requesting UW department and UW Information Technology.

Subdomains under are intended to provide a “home” for names of individual computers belonging to a particular department. Thus, subdomain names are usually derived from academic or administrative department names, typically as abbreviations such as “phys” for physics or “geog” for geography, or as acronyms such as “coe” for the College of the Environment.

Request a New UW Subdomain

New non-UW Domains

In addition to the domain level, Network Operations can provide support for approved domain names, such as Domains not under can require a registration fee that might vary depending on the registrar.

Request a Non-UW Domain

Other information

*Associating a UW NetID with a DNS hostname will allow you to take advantage of many infrastructure services (Certificate Services, Authentication Services, UW Groups, etc.).

Subdomain refers to the (typically) departmental subdomain under which you belong. There is no general campus subdomain. If you do not know your departmental subdomain, please give the name of your department.

Questions can be sent to or 206-221-5000.