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Wi-Fi Static IP Address Requirements

Wi-Fi static IP addresses are supported and distributed to clients meeting certain reasonable requirements. This is expected to be a very small segment of our customer base.

Reasonable requirements clients should meet may be, but are not limited to:

  • Inbound connectivity to device with a predictive IP
  • Fixed device does not behave well in a DHCP environment
  • Reasonable hardship
  • Lack of high availability
  • Lack of high bandwidth
  • Limited client roaming requirements

Static IP Request

To request a Wi-Fi static IP address, send email to the UW Information Technology Service Center at and provide the following information:

  1. Describe the need for static IP(s) in some detail.
  2. Describe why a DHCP address specifically will not work for you.
  3. Will this IP be used for a critical system or system requiring high network availability?
  4. Will this IP be used for a system requiring high network bandwidth?
  5. In what building will the device using this IP be located?
  6. Are there expectations the device using this IP will be used in any locations other than the one identified in #5?
  7. Does the device using this IP need to communicate with devices outside of the UW network space?
  8. Do you fully understand that this IP may need to be re-assigned and the device(s) using it reconfigured periodically, due to changes in or growth of the UW wireless network?