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Husky OnNet


Husky OnNet is a downloadable application that allows users to remotely access resources that normally require on-campus connections. Learn more about Husky OnNet.

Husky OnNet:

  • Provides individual users with a secure temporary (up to 72 hours) connection to the UW network from remote locations.
  • Allows the UW network to “see” laptops and other devices as if they are on campus.

the f5 logoHusky OnNet is powered by f5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager.

The user applications for MacOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux are available for download from Uware.  MacOS and Windows use customized versions of the f5 BIG-IP Edge Clients.  Linux uses an f5 VPN Helper Application for 32-bit or 64-bit Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Use of Husky OnNet

To use Husky OnNet, you must have:

  • An Internet connection
  • An appropriately configured device that runs a current version of MacOS, Microsoft Windows, or Linux
  • Appropriate Husky OnNet application downloaded from UWare
  • Eligibility

The UW Appropriate Use Policy applies for all network use through Husky OnNet.

Husky OnNet is not appropriate for use in certain types of connections to the UW network, including:

  • Any connection to the UW network that must persist beyond 72 hours.
  • Off-campus locations that are leased or owned by UW and have a UW facilities code (e.g., building designator or facility number). In these cases, please contact UW-IT at for appropriate UW network connectivity for your location.
  • Use in areas that require UW wifi access.
  • Use in areas that require physical UW telephones.
  • Use in situations requiring Big Data or large data transfers.

License Details

  • Husky OnNet is available for use by current UW students, faculty and staff; and for Sponsored UW NetIDs for which the Assign Computing Services Package is purchased by the sponsor ($20/mo with UW budget number).  Shared UW NetIDs and sponsored UW NetIDs without the purchased Assign Computing Services Package are not eligible. No registration is required.
  • This service is provided as part of the Technology Recharge Fee.
    There is no additional charge for the service.
  • Husky OnNet – Department is a for-fee department specific instance of Husky OnNet for use by department authorized users.

Get Software

Get Help

UW-IT support is limited to assisting users to download, install, and make a successful connection to the UW network using either the MacOS or Windows Husky OnNet application downloaded from UWare.

Contact the UW-IT Service Desk:
Phone: 206 221 5000

Walk-in help also available at Computer Vet

Support for other client applications

f5 BIG-IP Edge clients are available for a number of devices (e.g., iOS, Android, and other devices) in appropriate app stores.  UW-IT cannot answer questions about these applications, however, users who can successfully install and use them without help are welcome to do so and are bound by the Terms and Conditions for use of this software.

Server information required for configuring the f5 Edge clients:

  • UW Campus Network Traffic Only (recommended):
  • All Internet Traffic (special requirements use, including access to UW-restricted library resources):

Self-service documentation for Husky OnNet includes: