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Use Trumba’s T2 Editor

Based in part on feedback from UW-IT, Trumba has created a more intuitive and modern editor interface. To access it, just log in to the editor at

If you have feedback to share about T2, send it to and cc:

Trumba’s T2 help documentation:

We will be phasing in T2 over the next several months. Due to the Coronavirus, the transition will happen a few weeks later than originally planned.

  • February 3rd – April 13th: Editors start in Trumba Classic but can switch to T2 and back.
  • April 14th  – June 15th: Editors start in T2 by default, but can switch to Trumba Classic and back.
  • Starting on June 16th: Editors can only work in T2.
Last reviewed June 11, 2020