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Make Your Calendar Accessible

To help create UW Event Calendars that are accessible for all users, please make use of the following resources:

Create Useful Alt Text for Images

When you add images to the event Description field, make sure that you enter text in the Alt Text field that fully describes the image such that a non-sighted person could understand what information the image conveys.


Provide Visible Focus Indicator for Keyboard Users

Review these guidelines about visible focus for keyboard users. Check the CSS of your Web page; make sure that keyboard focus is not disabled.

Structure Your Site Using ARIA Landmarks and Provide Unique and Meaningful Labels for Each Region

Your Web site must have a clear semantic structure, defined by regional ARIA landmarks. See Publish Your Calendar page for how to use ARIA landmarks to make your calendar pages accessible.


Provide Logical and Hierarchical Heading Structure in the Content

Screen reader users rely on the hierarchical heading level structures to successfully navigate web pages. See Publish Your Calendar page for how to use the headinglevel parameter to ensure consistent heading levels on all Trumba spuds.


We will continue to publish accessibility tips and pointers in this space.