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Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365 features of UW Office 365 are available to departments and organizations via a separately purchased license.  Once purchased, these licenses are available to add to UW NetIDs that have been enabled with the UW Office 365 core offering.  Once added, Dynamics 365 features are supported by UW-IT on a minimal viable basis, with new requested services added as business requirements are defined, and UW-IT resources allow.

To initiate a Dynamics 365 license purchase inquiry, email

Dynamics 365 features available for request

  • Creation of new Sandbox and Production Dynamics CRM instances
    • Verify license(s) have been acquired
    • Verify name(s) are available
    • Add initial system admin account(s)
    • Set access limitation group (optional)
  • Adding licenses to users
  • Recover from backup
    • Verify an instance system admin is requesting the change and subsequent potential deletion of data
  • Exchange integration requests
    • Verify that at least one instance system admin approves
    • Verify that the owner of the target mailbox approves
    • Enable the integration

Dynamics 365 services explicitly not offered

  • Trial licenses and trial instances
  • Log analysis and investigation of user activity
  • Partner of Record designation
  • Management and reconfiguration of roles on an instance