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Migrate Data from My Site

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The UW-IT SharePoint 2010 environment ( has reached its end-of-life and will be shut down on March 31, 2020. All My Sites will be deleted on that date. Therefore, we are encouraging individuals with data in their My Site to migrate data that needs to be preserved to another file storage platform before March 31, 2020.

Records Management

If you have questions about the proper disposition of UW records stored in your My Site, the UW Records Management Service provides comprehensive guidance on records management on their website:

As a state agency, everything the University community creates – both in hardcopy and electronically – is considered a record. All records must be retained according to a legally approved records retention schedule. How long the information is retained is based on content and purpose, not format. If you have questions, please contact UW Records Management at 206-543-0573 or

If you have questions about Records Management at UW Medicine, please contact UW Medicine Records Management Services (RMS).

How to Download Data from a My Site

Login to with your UW email address and UW NetID password.

You will be presented with your “My Newsfeed” page:

Click on the “My Profile” tab then click on the “Libraries” tab:

You’ll be taken to “All Site Content” page.  Click on “My Content” where you can navigate to where you have placed your files.


If you have only a few files to download

You can simply download each one by hovering a file, clicking on the down arrow, clicking “Send To”, and clicking “Download a Copy”:


If you have a lot of files to download

Using Windows 10, you can map your My Site as a network drive to copy files in bulk.  To do so, open “File Explorer”, right-click on “Network”, select “Map network drive…”:

In the Map Network Drive dialog, paste the URL of your My Site without the text after the name of your library. In this example, becomes

Click “Finish” and enter your UW email address and UW NetID credentials, click “Remember my credentials”, then click “OK”:

Where can I store my My Site data?

A File Explorer window will open with the files in your My Site, which you can copy to your desktop, a network file share, UW Google Drive (FERPA-compatible), UW OneDrive for Business (FERPA and HIPAA-compatible), etc.  You can also access this file location as the Z drive in File Explorer: