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Visio is an application that lets users map processes using a variety of graphical forms. With Visio Online (aka Visio for the web), you can view, edit, and share Visio diagrams on the web. Start with a basic diagram to express common ideas, such as depicting a plan, making a proposal, or describing a sequence of steps in a process. It’s simple and easy to create first-class diagrams with commonly used diagram types and rich shape sets. Visio Online users can view and collaborate by sharing diagrams and inserting comments in files uploaded to SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business.

Visio Online Basic Functionality

The UW’s standard Office 365 A3 license includes only basic Visio Online functionality, which gives users rights to view Visio diagrams in a web browser.  Any additional functionality requires a Visio Plan 2 license.

Visio Plan 2 License

The Visio Plan 2 license is best for users who need to create professional business and IT diagrams that meet industry standards and can be connected to data.  It is also the only way for UW faculty and staff to obtain the Visio desktop app.

Please note: The Visio Plan 2 desktop application is not compatible with Office 2016.  To utilize the Visio Plan 2 desktop application, upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus.

Visio Plan 2 licenses are offered to UW departments on an annual contract basis running from June 1 to May 31 in alignment with our Microsoft contract, and include no service or support for the product itself. It only includes the cost of contract management, automatic annual renewal, and supplying a self-service assignment mechanism for licensing via UW Groups.

The rate for a Visio Plan 2 license is currently $35 per user per contract year. This cost is not prorated when purchased midway through the contract year.

Click here for a list of the Visio Plan 2 license functionality

Visio Desktop App

UW Faculty and Staff

The only way for UW faculty and staff to obtain the Visio desktop app is by purchasing a Visio Plan 2 license.  A Visio Plan 2 license allows the licensee use of the Visio desktop app on up to 5 devices.

UW Students

UW students can be granted access to the Visio desktop app via a Visio Plan 2 license.  Alternately, some students can gain access to the Visio desktop app via Azure for Education:

Click here to learn more about Azure for Education

Not available for macOS

Please note: The Visio Desktop app is not available for macOS.

Pre/Post-Purchase Support

If you have questions about Visio Online, we recommend you obtain pre-purchase support before purchasing a Visio Plan 2 license by filling out the form below.  Post-purchase support can also be obtained by filling out the form below.

Request MSCA Recharge Services (Pre/post-purchase support)

Order Visio Plan 2 Licenses

Order Form – Visio Plan 2

Visio Help and Training

UW-IT is unable to provide individual or group training on how to use Visio.  However, Microsoft provides excellent training videos and a help and learning portal:

Click here for Microsoft’s Visio training videos

Click here for Microsoft’s Visio help and learning portal