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Supported Email Clients

UW Office 365 Exchange Online accounts can be configured in a wide variety of email clients.  However, due to the complexity introduced when adding a UW Exchange Online account to a non-Microsoft email client, only a few clients are supported by UW-IT.  Any configuration other than the type listed below needs to be supported by an Organization Exchange Support Group (OESG).

Please note: We are unable to support devices running an operating system that is past end-of-life (e.g. Windows 7) or not the most current release of the OS.

Supported email clients

Unsupported email clients

  • Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.
  • Android native mail app
  • iOS native mail app
  • Outlook desktop email client for Windows and Mac other than Office 365 ProPlus and Office 2019
Last reviewed November 11, 2020